Legal Fees

Following article 10 of the Law No.71-1130 dated 31 December 1971 :

The legal fees regarding representation, opinions, assistance, advising, legal drafting, pleadings are agreed directly with the client.


The fees shall be evaluated by taking into account the client’s financial situation, the case’s difficulty, any expenses incurred, the attorney’s reputation, and the legal support needed.

Any legal fee only set on the case result is forbidden. The fees shall always include a calculated fixed fee for the legal assistance, and can include an additional fee calculated on the result of the case.”

We invoice our fees either via a hourly rate, or on a flat fee, depending on the case.

Any legal support will be part of a written agreement between the client and the attorney so as to define in the most adequate way the exact scope of the intervention and the applicable fees.

The amount of the fees are consequently set in advance between the attorney and the client. In practice, a flat fee is often used for cases where the legal support is predictable (such as company incorporation).

The firm accepts payments by cheques and is member of a management association (A.G.I.L. –